Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wecome to Poesites

Hi! I'm Heyward Ehrlich, creator of "A Poe Webliography." It went online in about 1999, when it was based on an article in Poe Studies. If you haven't seen it, the full url is, Or there's a faster shortcut at

Anyway, after almost a decade, the page is showing its age. Even though it was thoroughly updated in July 2007, I see the need for an entirely new guide made from scratch. I'm working now on such a new guide to Poe research on the Internet to appear soon in print and online.

I'm starting this blog to open a public dialogue on Poe research—the new electronic techniques, the old print methods, and how they combine (or fail to combine). Although there are plenty of Poe blogs out there, I couldn't find a single one devoted to scholarly research. Any ideas, please? Any suggestions, complaints, or anecdotes?

What's your experience with new features in Google and Amazon? What use do you make of electronic texts? If you have students, how have they latched onto the new social web? Are you satisfied with how they do research? I hope to hear from you.